Behaviour Services

Don't suffer in silence...

I offer private behavioural consultations in your own home. I can help with a range of issues and concerns, including but not limited to:

  • Inappropriate toileting 
  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Resource guarding 
  • Age-related behaviour changes
  • Introducing a new cat or kitten 

I can also help with kitten socialisation, setting up a more enriching, cat-friendly environment and building a stronger bond between you and your feline friends. 

I offer two consultation packages to suit your needs and budget:

Express consultation - $80

A one-hour session in your home followed by a brief, emailed summary outlining my recommendations and a follow-up email one month after my visit.

Comprehensive consultation - $120

An in-depth, 2-hour session in your home where I can observe your cat/s in their environment and assess their resources and any other relevant factors. I follow this with a comprehensive written report outlining my observations and recommendations, an action plan and provide additional reading material. This package includes follow-up emails, texts and/or phone calls over a three-month period to check on your progress and offer further advice. 

Return home visits for the same issue are available for $60 with either package for a period of three months. 

Please don’t suffer in silence – I am here to help. Many issues can be solved by simply making some minor modifications to your cat’s environment – let me show you how!

I service the Huon Valley and greater Hobart areas. Consults outside these areas can be negotiated with an additional fee to cover travel costs.